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This is us. Carlos and Philipp, two talented and resourceful kitchen dudes, who aim to please your taste buds. And Céline, Raphael and Alexander, passionate hosts, who aim to please the rest of you.


The building in which Rechberg is located was built in 1837 (allas, the name Rechberg1837:-)). Time before industrialisation made sourcing exotic foods just a tad more complicated than it is nowadays. So what would end up on your plate was bascially what could be found at the markets. And, big surprise here, what the markets had to offer was seasonal veggies as well as meat from happy animals from the small surrounding farms.  Pretty simple. 


Inspired by the the simpler and sustainable times of the original Rechberg, we have commited ourselves to use produce which was available back then in our kitchen. Obviously, we've resorted to modern cooking techniques to create what we like to call "innovative Traditionschuchi" or innovative traditionnal grub. 


Accompanying our food we offer a variety of Swiss Made drinks. Whatever your poison might be - Virgin drinks, vino or maybe even liquor - all comes from local suppliers, which we know personally. 


Because a region's culutre is not only shaped by it's food, we have Saturdays evenings reserved for special events. Creators of art of many sorts are invited to make your night an unforgettable one. 

We are looking forward to have you!

Wenn & Wo & Wie
Da simmer

Chorgasse 20

8001 Zürich

I de Schwiiz


Mäntig bis Fritig  11:45 bis 14:00

und vo 18:00 bis 22:00

Am Samstig ab 19:00 bis 23:00

Sunntig machemer frei

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